Toys for Deaf Dogs

Loads of stimulating play is important for any dog, but especially so to keep your deaf best friend from getting bored and destructive. Being hard of hearing means that your dog isn’t going to have as much fun with all those squeaky toys as some other pooches might, so it’s time to looks for things that are visually stimulating, deliver treats and are challenging enough to keep your dog mentally alert.

We’ve trawled through hundreds of products on Amazon to find the toys that we think will be the most entertaining and safest for deaf dogs – if you have any suggestions though, please send them through! We love getting ideas from our readers. (And just so you know, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases if you click through any of the links to Amazon.)


Toys that dispense treats are always a favourite with doggos. Great for dogs that tend to guzzle their food, pups that need some encouragement to ‘play’ – like rescue dogs that simply never learnt how to as puppies, and just as a general distraction for your dog when they’re alone, this durable four-out-of-five stars rated ball is sure to be a hit with your furbaby.



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