About Us

Hi! Welcome to Deaf Dog Care – the site dedicated to our canine companions who are a little hard of hearing.

Sadly, I’m not a dog mom at the moment, but I am ‘aunty’ to a pair of adorable Weiner dogs who aren’t deaf, although are REALLY good at pretending to be … particularly when it’s time to go outside in the rain.

I grew up with miniature dachshunds until I moved out of home and then ‘upsized’ my canine friends somewhat, including a mammoth German Shepherd with a wonderful gentle nature who was named Bear (for very good reasons).

These days, although I adore dogs of all kinds, I’m particularly taken with corgis (and their fabulously famous sploot) and am counting down the days until we can bring a new dog home to be loved and spoiled.

Until then, our mascot is the wonderful Sir Walter Wigglebottom (pictured below). Keep an eye out for his blog posts – he sometimes sneaks onto the site to have his say.

deaf dog care - dog blog

We love hearing from you too – if you have any suggestions, please head to our Contact Us page and send us a message!




PS: Don’t listen to the humans. I NEVER sneak … I am a very good boi. SWW   Sir Walter WiggleBottom